High-Tech cars: Telsa or BMW?

The future is digital and automated; or that is certainly how some people see it. In fact, there is no doubt that the automobile has changed dramatically in the last one hundred years.

It has gone from being something that only the richest people own to a virtual necessity. In this fast paced and ever changing world, the motor vehicle has managed to stay relevant. Advancements in internet capabilities have made it possible to connect with anyone on the planet within moments. In addition, many people are now choosing to work remotely from home; almost rendering the car useless.

Of course, getting to and from anywhere is much easier if you have a vehicle. To ensure its continuing place in society, there have been some impressive technological improvements to the automobile; making it an essential edition for anyone wishing to stay in touch.


Some of the most impressive improvements have centered round the autonomous vehicle. This has been in use by Google for many months and is proving to be a useful addition to their fleet. However, despite the fact that these vehicles are so sophisticated, the real high-tech award goes to those manufacturers who have created electric cars and ones which possess a network of data systems. They can even connect to the internet whilst on the move!

Features of High-Tech Cars

High-tech features have become so commonplace on many vehicles that they are taken for granted. This has led to concerns that all the high tech features in cars are creating drivers which cannot operate properly without techno logy. The consequence of technology failure could put many lives in danger! Some features which are common now but were recently high tech car additions are:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control – Standard cruise control allows the car to maintain a speed. Adaptive allows it to slow down when a vehicle is detected in front and speed up again when possible.
  • Collision warning – Initially this was just plenty of warning, but now the technology has progressed and includes the ability for the car to stop for you!
  • Lane Assist – Again, you are given a series of warnings if you drift out of your lane; including a vibrating steering wheel! However, if you do not react the technology will take over and steer the car for you.
  • Parking Assist – This has also moved past simple distance alerts. The high-tech cars of today use cameras and sensors to calculate the space and the turn required in order to park for you!
  • The Blind Spot – this danger spot can now be monitored through cameras and sensors; allowing the car to warn you if you have anything in your blind spot.
  • Data – Perhaps the greatest feature of high-tech cars is the amount of information which is shared between the onboard computer and you. Information is gained from hundreds of sensors in the car and allows the engine to be fine tuned as you drive; improving performance and economy. In fact, it has been said that the average car computer now processes more information than the NASA computers did on the first trip to the moon!

Getting the Best High Tech Cars – Telsa or BMW?


Telsa is one of the most well know high tech car brands. The firm is based in California and started trading in 2003. It creates and sells solar panels and from this has developed a specialized production of electric powered cars.

Telsa has become a prominent player in the high-tech car industry; ever since it produced the first ever electric sports car in 2008. The car was surprisingly good and has led to a variety of alternative versions; including the Model S; the best selling plug-in car for the last few years.


This is perhaps one of the most famous brands in the world. The company was first founded in 1916. It started life producing aircraft engines during the First World War. Production was halted in 1918 and BMW switched to motorcycles; automobiles followed in 1928 and they have never looked back!

BMW has become known as a maker of luxury cars with every conceivable high-tech gadget. Although at first their vehicles were focused on high performance luxury they also offer a range of vehicles with excellent economy.

BMW, in common with the other major car manufacturers has dabbled in the electronic vehicle. They have several versions available which use the plug-in system favored by most electrical manufacturers. However, there did not, until recently, appear to be any signs of anything new on the horizon which might challenge Telsa’s grip on the electric car market.

This is not to stay that BMW has given up on the high-tech electric car! They are continuing to upgrade their existing offerings. But, of most interest is the mid-sized vehicle scheduled to be released in 2021. Although details are slim regarding this concept vehicle; it is likely it will operate under a whole new range of high-tech gadgets. The batteries are said to be next generation as is the power they will be able to produce.

It is likely to be a real competitor for Telsa’s latest offerings.

One of the biggest differences between Telsa high-tech cars and BMW is the batteries which power the cars. Telsa are currently the only firm to use hundreds of small batteries inside their lithium batteries.


The answer to the high-tech cars, Telsa or BMW is not clear. It will partially depend upon your preference. Both firms produce cars which look stunning. BMW has the edge in terms of the number of high-tech gadgets which can be loaded inside the car. However, Telsa has an apparent advantage in their electronic powering of their vehicles.

But, the big challenge will be BMW’s new high-tech cars; in just a few years these are likely to outperform and outshine the Telsa model. Telsa may have an environmental edge at the moment, but it is likely that this will change within the next few years.

In the meantime the choice between these two high-tech cars will come down to your environmental feelings and personal preference.