Incredible New technologies in Japan

Japan has been one of the greatest innovators of technology throughout the second half of the twentieth century. This trend has continued and many people look to Japan to see which incredible new technologies are appearing. It is almost certain that any new technology which originates from Japan will become a common household item within a relatively short space of time.

With this in mind it is easy to say that if you look at the incredible new technologies in Japan now; you will see what the future holds for everyone!

Phone Addiction

Whilst not an incredible new technology; it is worth mentioning the new smart phone case. A phone is locked into the case with a special tool. The premise is to prevent children becoming addicted to their cell phones. Sensors detect when the child is moving and prevent the phone from being used. It is also capable of being programmed to limit the time a child can spend on a phone or what they can access.

Interesting this connects with the emerging technology of smart clothes; which allows the use of apps on your phone without having to hold the phone in your hand. This is something that many manufacturers are starting to generate.

OLED Screens

The next version of the iPhone will have an OLED screen. This technology has been developed by the Idemitsu Kosan Company in Japan. Although the OLED screen has been available for a few years; the latest version is a completely organic affair. The fact that Apple is using this technology will, undoubtedly, make it the technology of the future.

Automated Parking Facilities

The Japanese generally have limited space, a love of cars and are working hard to keep the environment healthy. In line with this they have developed automated parking facilities. Simply pull your car into the specified slot and climb out. It is then moved on a giant conveyor to the elevator. This then moves the car to the designated space; underground. It is possible to have several stories underground whilst there are buildings on top of the ground.

The machine handles everything; which means there is no need to create maneuvering room underground. The elevator will simply park your car in a free spot and return it when you want it! You will never lose your car or risk bumping it in the parking garage again!

The Silent Camera

The latest incredible new technologies coming from Japan are often improvements on older technologies. This is certainly true in the case of Sony. They have now developed a silent mirrorless camera. This means you can shoot at high speed without making a sound. The intended market is bird and animal watchers but there will be many other implications of this new technology.

The Sun

Environmental concerns are high on most people’s agendas. After all, this planet needs to continue to support human life for many years to come! Whilst an awareness of the causes of global warming are helping to reduce emissions and solar panels are reducing the reliance on fossil fuels; there are other uses for the sun.

Japan is at the forefront of the photocatalyst technology. This product actually works with sunlight to adjust the surroundings. The new technology actually makes the removal of dirt and dust virtually effortless. The special coating, which is now starting to be applied to buildings, can actually convert harmful emissions in the atmosphere into harmless ones! A little rain or water is enough to remove any dirt build-up and keep the surface functioning properly; as a bonus the building stays looking clean!


Japan has always been at the forefront of robotic development and the incredible new technologies emerging today from Japan continue this trend.

The latest robots are actually programmed to have conversations with you; the idea is to help the old and lonely. But, this is also another step towards the development of artificial intelligence and the primary reason why this technology should be reviewed and monitored.

Robots are also being built to help fill the healthcare gap which is developing for the aging population. However, there are other innovations which will prove to be popular round the world. One example is the hair clip which can help deaf people hear; through vibrations!

They are also developing touching technology. You will simply need to wear a device and then you will be able to communicate with someone else or an object; providing it has the same tech. For example you could exchange data through a handshake or unlock a door just by holding the handle!

Japan is still one of the most important places to look at for the most incredible new technologies. Keeping up to date with their developments will allow you to stay one step ahead of the game and even use it as a competitive advantage!