Introduction To Deep Learning

Have you ever heard about the deep learning? What does that definition remind you of? When I have first heard of it, I thought how it somehow must be connected with learning techniques or something like that. You know how it goes, you have numerous obligations at college, and suddenly you hear some great secret which may help you to learn better, faster, deeper and so on. Yet, we will talk about the understanding of modern neural networks here. And don't worry, if that sounds unfamiliar to you or in any way confusing, you will figure it all out when you finish reading this article. So, let's start, we have a lot to learn here!

I need to start this small curse by explaining what Loss function is. What could that be? And how can be that connected with deep learning at all? Well, the developers of different kinds have been busy a lot, as you can see. You can understand this term best as thinking of it as a training of neural network or any other Machine Learning model you can imagine.

What is a Neural Network at all? Numerous people are talking about ANN nowadays, yet, it seems like most of the users don't know what is it actually. You can understand it best when thinking of it as a network which was inspired by such actions which your brain is doing. Okay, I wasn't so wrong about my prediction, right? I have explained in the intro what was I thinking about this earlier, and no, I wasn't so far from the truth! You can also think of deep learning as to something closely connected with the Artificial Intelligence, which it actually is. Can you believe how it is all made from the neurons from their previous 'parent'? Of course, I am not talking about the people here, but about the connections with all these technologies, we have today.

We all know, or most of us know, how a neuron is actually a mathematical function. In the device or on the web, you always have some input and output, just like in your brain, right? The neural network can be understood too as a neuron because it is also actually a mathematical function. Confused? Don't be, you will get the whole picture in literally just one sentence in this article later!

How can you benefit from this deep learning and all these neural networks? Well, you can make your network to be safer and to get some better results while being an active user of the Internet.

Neural networks and deep learning will definitely keep you safe on the web, and besides that, they may open you some new and exciting possibilities. If you are afraid for your safety and trying to find the best ways to surf the web as safe as you can, then you should definitely learn more about the deep learning. Remember how this was just an intro, and we wanted to know if you are interested in this topic, but probably you are because you are reading this.

Also, don't forget to use a VPN connection while you learn about deep learning, because it will keep you safe for that amount of time you need to learn more about neural networks. A Virtual Private Network won't reveal your personal and sensitive data and it will keep you as anonymous.