What’s The Latest News on Sony Corporation?

The Sony Corporation started out in 1946. It was, and still is, based in Japan although it did not adopt the name Sony until 1958. Sony is credited with being the firm that introduced the portable transistor radio into the American market; the result was a massive increase in sales and profitability.

Today, Sony is listed as the 116th entry on the Fortune Global 500! Of course, as with many massive firms, the path from their humble beginnings to their position of power has not always been smooth.

Fresh Approach

Sony has always chosen to take its own route, this has resulted in the creation of several popular technologies; including the floppy disk and even the Blu-ray disc!

Sony is an electronics giant and has an impressive list of products. These include audio equipment, televisions, the Playstation games console and, of course, the Walkman. They have a solid presence in the cell phone market. Although their offerings generally compete with the top phones they are rarely the first ones to be thought of.

This, perhaps, highlights one of the biggest issues which have faced Sony on numerous occasions over the years. They have a broad range of products which are all well made, but very few that are distinctive enough to stand out from the crowd and lift the company a step further.


If you can move past this, then you will see that Sony does continue to push the boundaries and has a range of exciting new products coming onto the market:

  • Sony OLED TV – Sony have placed in excess of eight million self-illuminating pixels into one television screen. Each one can be controlled by the inbuilt software. The result is the most stunning visual display you can ever imagine; you will feel like you are part of the action!
  • Sony S-Force – The firm which has provided so many breakthrough technologies has now provided you with the ultimate in cinema audio sound. Every sound played on this system is crisp and clear; it will even surprise you where it originates from!
  • Digital Camera – Digital photography has advanced massively in recent years and the latest offering from Sony, the a6500 proves this point. IT is small enough to carry with you but has interchangeable lenses to ensure the perfect shot.
  • Cell Phone – The Xperia is Sony’s top selling and best performing cell phone. It is a rival to the iPhone and the latest offerings from Samsung. In fact, many people prefer the look and feel of the Sony Xperia.

Latest News

The Sony Corportaion has an impressive history and an excellent range of products. However, despite, or perhaps because of, its technological abilities it was the vitim of a hacking attack at the end of 2016. The attack managed to access the Sony Twitter account and sent out a range of postings which included a reference to Bob Dylan and even a tweet that Brittany Spears had died.

But despite a slight fall in sales and profits for the last year the Sony Corporation continues to be one of the forerunners in the electronics and technological industries. They are continuing to invent new technology and empower the average consumer.

This has been demonstrated by the 2017 Sony World Competition which was the world’s largest photography competition.

The firm is also responsible for developing and bringing to market the first ever high sensitivity CMOS image sensor for automotive cameras; a big step forward in vehicle capabilities.

Sony is also responsible for establishing a joint venture with E Ink. This will provide consumers with an electronic paper display.

Sony is continuing to innovate and expand their product base. Perhaps the best way of putting the latest news from the Sony Corporation is that there is always something new happening. This is one company which is worth keeping an eye on!